Production Music

RadioScape Production Music. RadioScape, in conjunction with CSS Music of Los Angeles, presents D.A.W.N. – the Digital Audio Worldwide Network.

Now your station can have a killer production library of over 11,000+ digital audio tracks—for one Buy-Out price! Music for spots and promos, sfx and tons of cool noises for your sweepers. Wake up your sound at DAWN!

Available as downloads:

Call us for $40 in free downloads to audition DAWN. You can then purchase a bulk license to download 500 tracks of your choice.

OR Available on USB-Firewire hard disk:

Buy our Ultra-Edit II and play with all 11,000+ titles on a single, portable hard drive! Besides the great music and effects, you’ll never have to search a catalog again. The Ultra-Edit database search engine makes finding the right sound a snap! Just audition the track in the database search, then add your favorites right into your project.

OR Available on CD:

If you’re still working in the analog world and need CD’s, we can set you up with over 300 disks. (A service and shipping fee of $279.00 applies.) Bundled into convenient binders, these disks only take up a small space in your studio.

Special pricing for RadioScape clients:

Oh how you guys love to chisel! And we know you’re thinking, “Why not go right to the D.A.W.N. folks and try to cut a better deal?” Well here’s the deal Pedro:

We’re the exclusive Radio partner of D.A.W.N. and we make the deals with you guys . Don’t worry. We can outfit you with a D.A.W.N. package that your GM will find fair and balanced. We’re the Fox News of Radio Production Libraries.

For Pricing:

Brenda Burt – Accounts Manager
Direct: 972-517-7351

For D.A.W.N. info:
Marshall Such: 817-481-4453