Christmas Cardz

Take the ho, ho, ho-hum out of your Christmas Imaging!

Christmas Cardz is a new way to brighten up your station. Instead of the usual schwarmy jingle singers cooing “Warmest Wishes From Us To You”, Christmas Cardz lets you unleash the power of Radio’s power to persuade. You will create upbeat, fun imaginative promos using ORIGINAL Christmas songs, provided in a myriad of styles.

Create the fantasy of a “Jungle Christmas” or take your listeners deep down South for “Christmas In Da Swamp.” Reinforce your station’s visit from Santa at the mall with “Flyin’ Santa.” Want something a little more traditional? There’s “Feliz Navidad” and “Silent Night”, produced in a VERY hot Salsa groove. Or there are two Hip Hop tracks that will have you saying, “Yo. yo, yo.”

Christmas Cardz is 10 imaginative songs in full sing and instrumental versions. Create your own versions by mixing between these in your computer. Idea starters and sample scripts are also provided. Market exclusive. Christmas Cardz is available on CD ROM or as OMF Pro Tools files, ready to load into your DAW. And best of all, it’s a buy-out! Make this a truly magical Holiday Season with Christmas Cardz!